Crescor & The University of Cambridge

The Institute for Manufacturing Business Prioritisation Diagnostic

We are delighted to announce that Crescor has recently been appointed by The University of Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing* Education and Consultancy Services division (“IfM ECS”) as its sole Approved Practitioner in Australia and New Zealand for its Business Diagnostics Prioritisation Approach.  

IfM’s Education and Consultancy Services provide a rapid dissemination route for new ideas and approaches developed at the Cambridge University Institute for Manufacturing.

The IfM ECS Business Prioritisation Diagnostic process helps identify business challenges and prioritise solutions. It is backed by extensive research and has been proven through its application to over 750 organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally. It is designed to help executive teams:

  • Clarify the direction of the company, and reinforce senior management buy-in to the direction;
  • Create a common understanding of the business priorities; identifying any burning platforms and quick business wins;
  • Develop a short to medium term action plan.

We do this by analysing priorities and performance across the business during a half-day of interviews with senior managers and functional leaders. We analyse the results and review them in detail with the management team. Typically, we spend half to one day onsite, whilst another day is required for analysis and evaluation.

  • The management team emerges from this fast and effective process with a clear, shared understanding of how to improve the company’s ability to win orders, its business priorities and its strengths and weaknesses;
  • The results are graphically represented and easy to understand, providing a powerful communication tool which helps to build rapport across the business and enables managers to compare their priorities with their colleagues. The data generated also provides a useful reference against which business improvements can be assessed;
  • The process helps organisations reassess their greatest business constraints.
  • Crescor consultants can then provide follow up support and advice as required, including operational innovation, capability development and strategy.

Crescor & Associates and the Business Prioritisation Diagnostics (“BPD”) Approach.

Crescor will formally be launching the BPD Approach in early August. To celebrate the launch, we are able to offer a very limited number of pro-bono and subsidised sessions. The BPD Approach is equally applicable to manufacturing, service, or Not-For-Profit organisations, of whatever size. 

If you think the BPD approach might be of use to you, please contact us on or call 0414 374 815.

*The Institute for Manufacturing is a Division of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. It has approximately 250 people and conducts research and award-bearing education spanning Management, Policy and Technology issues ( The IfM disseminates its research outputs through IfM ECS, which is wholly owned by the University of Cambridge. A team of practitioners helps companies of all sizes to apply research-based improvement techniques via a programme of consultancy and education services. 

This work brings benefits to both parties. Industry receives practical solutions based on the latest applied research; the IfM gains live feedback to help set the agenda for new research. The Prioritisation Approach also provides the basis for the U.K. Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ National and Regional Manufacturer of the Year Awards scheme.